`from The Eagles’…
Hotel California
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget
So I called up the Captain, "Please bring me my wine"
He said, "We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine”

Some say that `happiness is a short memory.’ Maybe so. But those of us that have had long and happy lives here in the Atlanta area aren’t so cheerful these days. Those of us that remember the causes and the leaders that were willing and able to lean into the issues that have shaped our town, are a little out of shape over current events. Who’s still out there that was part of the successful effort to turn back the near-devastation that the planned I-485 freeway would have had upon our core in-town neighborhoods? Some of you may have also helped in the fight to “Save The Fox.” Perhaps you joined the legions of volunteers to host our city to the Olympic Community and the world? Maybe you simply cheered these crusades from afar? In any case, even if you’re too young to remember any of Atlanta’s more glorious chapters, you’re all needed again now!

This web site is not intended merely to reminisce; it does not aspire to block the Braves misguided move to Cobb County; it does not even, really, aim simply to “Save the Ted.” Rather, if it could revive a part of Atlanta’s soul (a part that many of our current so-called leaders seem to have dismissed to demonstrably short-sighted business objectives) it will have been well worth its transient place in cyberspace. If it could go a step further, if it could begin to point to how a Save The Ted movement may begin to sketch out key regional transportation, core development and tax-payer value alternatives (to the demonstrably premature, if not absurd, demolition of Turner Field), well, that would something special: a reawakening of Atlanta’s rich heritage of community involvement would, truly, be something to see.

As you can see here, this site is organized along the lines alluded to above: under the tabs near the top of this page you can find beginnings of the cases for (and/or against?)…

  • A New Ted-Centered Regional Transportation Plan
  • A New Ted-Centered South of Downtown New Town Development
  • A New Ted-Centered View of Atlanta’s Leadership & Accountability
  • A New Ted-Centered Regional Era of Community Participation (Get Involved!)